Commercial Painting and Industrial Flooring Business

Asking Price:

$5,000,000 (includes $2M+ in assets)

Financial Overview


Business Description

This business provides full service architectural finishes for new construction, maintenance painting, and more based in the southwest USA (location private until NDA is signed. They have a 53-year history as the state’s most respected epoxy installer, steel coater, and architectural and commercial painting contractor and have limited competition, as their size and scale allows them to take on projects that are too large for other businesses in the area.

For the past couple of years, the business revenue mix has been about 70% painting income, 20% flooring, and 10% in-shop projects. This mix changes based on projects, and allows them to 1) mix and match staff to adjust as needed, and 2) weather economic storms like the downturn they saw in 2009 – 2014.

The city is about to experience one of the largest construction market expansions in their history, and this company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this growth. They are a preferred contractor for large clients, such as [redacted], and there are currently large-scale projects like Amazon and Intel, spending millions to build or upgrade their facilities in the city. There is also the infrastructure bill currently debated in the Senate, which could result in many large industrial steel projects that require in-shop coatings applications.

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