Cleaning and Restoration Services in Oklahoma

Business Description

For sale is a 41-year-old cleaning and restoration services S-Corp in Oklahoma that offers commercial and residential cleaning and restoration services in Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas. The company primarily provides water, fire, mold remediation and restoration services. In addition, they offer trauma/biohazard cleaning, air duct cleaning, and area rug cleaning. The business is known for some of its recently suspended services, including carpet cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, vent hood cleaning, bed bug removal, carpet installation or re-stretching service, and dryer vent cleaning.

The average order value for the past 12 months is $2,800. Revenue has been steady except for 2020 when the Covid pandemic affected services. Since the business kept a full staff and purchased a property in 2020, profits were also affected during that year. There are no long-term contracts or recurring revenue streams. Currently, there are 4 full-time and 2 part-time employees.

The new owner has several options to expand the business. One option is re-starting services offered before downsizing due to a lack of employees and a need to streamline services arose. The buyer can also open new locations. If the new owner chooses this route of expansion the company still has the equipment to operate and stock a second or third location. The buyer can purchase the equipment needed for additional locations from the seller. In addition, a subsidiary company in the Tulsa area is not currently being marketed or worked, which can be another way to grow the business.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $900,000

Revenue: $1,175,972 (TTM)

Income: $381,709 (TTM)

Multiple: 1.8x

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