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Business Description

For sale is an affiliate marketing business with two websites that caters to customers looking for business services information. For example, users Googling how to start a business might be looking for information on a registered agent. They will come across a ranked page by this website, read about it, and click the link to sign up for a registered agent. That commission is shared between the registered agent, this company, and the middle man (an affiliate network). Although the business was created in late 2020, it has shown massive month-over-month revenue growth and has extremely high profit margins since there are little expenses for an affiliate website. 98% of all revenue is affiliate commissions with the remaining 2% generated through lead sales. The owner runs the business and only checks on it around once a month.

72.8% of all traffic comes through organic search, with 16.6% coming direct to the website, and 10.2% coming through referrals. The sites receive traffic to a wide range of pages with no pages receiving more than 12.5% of traffic and affiliate commissions being generated by more than 56 separate pages over the last month.

The business is run remotely and only requires 1 hour per month of the owner’s time, making it a great investment for a passive or absentee owner. That said, there are many opportunities to scale and grow the business’s link building capabilities to make it even more profitable.

The business owner lives in Australia, the customers are in the USA. The owner is available for zoom calls and transfer of assets will be simple since all assets are digital and there is no staff.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,300,000

Revenue: $467,209

Income: $452,969

Multiple: 2.87x

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