Brand Name Sunglasses Manufacturer

Business Description

For sale is a 30-year-old brand name manufacturer of sunglasses, with a global presence and television advertising. The business is internationally-known and has a cache of patents, logos, and worldwide registered trademarks, as well as an innovative technology strategy and a long-standing relationship with the Space Foundation.

The company markets and distributes its designer and performance eyewear domestically and internationally through various marketing channels including wholesale, retail, online, and direct to consumer. They have an experienced operations and management team that has successfully established partnerships with prestigious designers and manufacturers in Asia.

The company has shown consistent growth and now the owner is looking towards an acquisition by active or passive investors to leverage the company’s assets and take it to the next level. Well-qualified candidates will have brand ownership and distribution experience and should be a clear strategic fit.

Due to its long history and solid financials, this company will be SBA eligible (up to the $5M cap). The price will include $1.3M in inventory.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: Accepting Qualified Offers

Revenue: $2,925,735

Income: $314,751

Multiple: TBD

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