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Experts at selling $2 million – $25 million revenue companies across the USA

Our business sales specialists help sell your business for maximum value to our database of cashed up buyers looking for quality acquisitions. We closed 91% of deals we took to market in 2019.
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We Can Help You Maximize The Worth Of Your Business And Sell It Above Market Value.

Our team of experts at Business Exits specialize in helping maximize the worth of your business and sell it for the best price possible – above market value.

Here’s how we do this…

There are a few key drivers of marketplace value that can assist in generating the highest sale price of your business.

At Business Exits, we align those drivers and properly POSITION your company for sale in order help you harvest its maximum value.

We have an extensive database where we’ve curated lists of premium investors in every industry who are hungry to sink millions of dollars into growing profitable enterprises.

We also do the following:

  • We put a marketing plan in place

  • We prepare an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY to present your business in the best possible light

  • We manage deal flow

  • We get multiple buyers interested in your business

We can find you the “perfect buyer” and create “deal tension” between several buyers that will lead to top-dollar offers for your business.

When we act as your broker and position your company for sale, it allows YOU to keep running your business effectively and elevate your earnings as high as possible (which ultimately ensures a maximum sales price).

And here’s something that’s really exciting:

Right now the Business Exits buyer pool has $568.27 million
in cash ready for acquisitions.

A select group of premium buyers inside our exclusive and private network have
informed us they have a total of $568.27 million in cash to deploy towards buying new businesses. (And we’ve had a multitude of FULL CASH offers at listing price in recent months.)

Get Access To Buyers Outside Your State

Get Your Business Seen By Buyers Nationally and Internationally Through Business Exits